Dbvisit Replicate Essentials Course and Certification now available..

Great news for those of you using or more importantly thinking about using Dbvisit Replicate.

At AgileTS we have really enjoyed and benefited from the Replicate Essentials course.  The guys at Dbvisit have now made the course available to all prospective and existing users.  Originally the course was made available to further the partner communities skills.  

Learn Dbvisit Replicate now !!

Learn Dbvisit Replicate now !!

The Kiwi vendor is also rolling out its certification programme to end users.  

The course covers all the use cases, implementation, set up and trouble shooting.   The format is delivered via a series of short and highly relevant  videos.  Each covering specific subject matter - Be it moving data from Oracle to Oracle, Oracle to MySQL or SqlServer. and why Replicate should be considered as a cost effective alternative to Oracle Goldengate, and the quick performance wins of offloading reporting data.

Students will have access to the Dbvisit AWS test environment which means you can try out what you've learnt from the course.  

Dbvisit will offer students who complete the course will be certification, meaning you can join the globally recognised Dbvisit Replicate Certified Associates Program.

The cost is just $500 per student and is highly recommended for exiting and prospective Replicate Users.

Please contact AgileTS for more information dbvisit@agilets.com