Oracle Engineered Systems now available for all database users

What we’ve all been waiting for…  Oracle engineered systems for the masses!!..

At AgileTS we are real fans of the Oracle Database Standard Edition SE, SE1 & SE2.  Many organizations don’t need the advanced features and options of Oracle’s flagship Enterprise Edition database or are unable to justify the associated price tag. 

Oracle’s Engineered Systems including Exadata have generally been beyond the budget of all but the largest users…  Back in 2011 Oracle attempted to lower the entry for it’s engineered systems with the introduction of the Oracle Database Appliance to broaden adoption with use cases including Test & Dev, Branch Deployments, and High Availability databases for SME and departments.

Whilst Oracle claims to have shipped 1000’s of lower cost Database Appliances – for many small and medium sized users (well small and medium sized budgets) the challenge wasn’t buying the ODA!!

After all, the message has always been appealing with high performance purpose engineered hardware and software from one vendor.  No, the challenge, which we found and was echoed when talking to other partners, Oracle reps and prospective users, was the cost of the Oracle Database Enterprise Edition licenses could absolutely dwarf the cost of the ODA. 

Finally after 5 years of ODA only supporting Enterprise Edition and true HA requiring Oracle Real Application Clusters / RAC One Node – It feels like Oracle finally listened to users and partners alike.

Now is the time to check out the latest line up of Oracle ODA’s with the ODA X6-2S & ODA X6-2M

The S & M stand for Small and Medium and apart from having budget friendly list prices starting at only $18k THEY RUN STANDARD EDITION!!  Yay!!

 So what do we have now…

                    ODA X6-2S

Entry Level: X6-2S (S= Small)

Single Database / 10 cores/ All Flash Storage/ SE2 & EE compatible





Performance: X6-2M (M=Medium)

Multiple Databases/ 20 cores/ All Flash Storage/ SE2 & EE compatible.


High Availability: X5-2

Oracle X5-2 HA

Multiple Databases/ OVM capability/ 36 cores each (72 core total) / Enterprise Edition compatible with capacity on demand licensing.



We recently visited the ODA sales and support team in Dublin and were really impressed by Oracle’s commitment to the new ODA’s and support for the channel. 

Even more interesting for the budget conscious is the number of initial sweeteners available with new purchases of the ODA, which incidentally has a two-week lead time:

1)   Additional Discount on Oracle software license’s purchased with an ODA

2)   1 TB of Oracle Cloud Database Backup included

3)  3) Discount on Oracle Cloud Database as a Service credits.  Perfect for a low cost test/ dev environment

We will write further about the features and benefits soon and those of you that follow our blogs will know that we couldn’t help but notice what a perfect fit for Dbvisit Standby. 

Want to find out more and if the ODA small, medium or HA is right for your organizations needs then please do get in touch..

More to follow soon..