SolarWinds launch DPA 10.0 for MySQL

AgileTS favourite cross platform database diagnostic and tuning suite now supports for MySQL.  

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyser 10.0 Enables Organisations to Optimise, Troubleshoot and Tune the Performance of the top database platforms Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 and now MySQL -- All from within a Single Dashboard

SolarWinds the leading provider of powerful and affordable hybrid IT infrastructure management software has announced it has added support for MySQL® databases to SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) 10.0. 

With the addition of MySQL, SolarWinds DPA now supports popular database platforms including Microsoft® SQL Server®, Oracle® and IBM DB2amongst others.

Providing database administrators (DBAs), application developers and support teams with enterprise level database performance tuning, metric visibility and resource correlation based on unique wait-time-analytics and a resource correlation approach to help improve the performance of on-premise and cloud and applications from within a single management dashboard.

Recent SolarWinds surveyshave indicated organisations often use multiple database platforms for production systems with critical workloads.  SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL being the most common. 

With SolarWinds DPA for MySQL.  Users can implement MySQL alongside other database products while maintaining the peace of mind that comes with having mission critical applications and workloads operate at peak performance without database-related bottlenecks.

No one is systems wants the dreaded “its slowed down call”.

As MySQL and the whole open source LAMP stack has become increasinglypopular in larger organisations due to the commercial and open source benefits.   

Key issues especially when it comes to business-critical workloads has been a lack of truly enterprise-grade tools to optimise and troubleshoot MySQL which reduces the cost in time and risk for development and support times ensuring your business applications fully support your business operations.

AgileTS recommend SolarWinds DPA and provide free web demos, trials with pricing starting at just £1,300 (volume discounts available) per database instance for MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle Standard Edition 

To discuss how SolarWinds DPA for MySQL can help you save time, money and increase performance and efficiencies.  Arrange a demo or trial please get in touch with AgileTS