Latest version of Dbvisit Standby is now available - released 12th October 2018

AgileTS and Dbvisit Standby

Dbvisit Standby Version 8.0.24 is now available. The latest release includes support for ORacle 18c Database Standard Edition 2 (Excludes RAC)

Highlights from the release notes are;


Dbvisit Standby download for SLES 11 and 12 now available as of 8.0.10

Windows 2016 supported - 8.0.14 or higher recommended

Oracle 12.2 supported as of 8.0.12 release

Oracle 10gR2 support (Non RAC, and ASM if used must be 11.2 and above) added since 8.0.22

Solaris and AIX support added as of 8.0.18 releaseIMPORANT:Dbvisit Standby can be installed and used on Solaris based systems (Solaris 10+) with the exception that the Central Console must be installed and running on a Linux or Windows based system.Dbvserver (Central Console) will not be able to install on Solaris and AIX based systemsUsing Dbvnet on Solaris and AIX is experimental and if used (in 8.0.18) COMPARE_CHECKSUM=Y must be enabled in the DDC files.Using SSH on Solaris and AIX in 8.0.18 is recommended (SSH User Equivalence is required - passwordless authentication)

As of 8.0.18 regular patch updates may be released to release fixes and new changes on a more regular basis.

As of 8.0.24 Oracle 18c Database Standard Edition 2 is now supported, this excludes Oracle 18c RAC.

For the full release notes please see here:

8.0.24 (12 October 2018)


DS-1068: Internal improvement to handle read-only agent repository

DS-1181: Improvement of dbvctl daemon process to send email on termination of a long running process

DS-1208: Handle option when dbvserver or dbvagent repositories are not accessible - improved handling and error messages

DS-1252: Improved batch installer on Solaris to update dbvnet configuration

DS-1278: Improved alignment of task history in the Central Console (GUI)

DS-1303: Passphrases are not displayed in support package contents


DDC with different location and filenames

DS-1359: Internal update - Add additional information to support package and update structure

DS-1375: dbvsmgr.exe reporting on Dbvnet instead of Daemon process dbvctl-<DDC>

DS-1391: Change localtime to UTC in the internal sequence and transfer tables

DS-1393: Adjust batch install process to have option for dbvserver public_address and dbvagent webserver_adress

DS-1398: Improve support package dates to include time

DS-1408: Fix missing "Oracle Restart registration" option both CLI and GUI in 8.0.22

DS-1426: Various small internal updates to Central Console (GUI)

DS-1431: Improved error handling for support package generation in Central Console (GUI)

DS-1432: Create a backup of dbvserver and dbvagent repositories on reset

DS-1439: Network transfer improvement on Windows 2008 based systems (Dbvnet)

DS-1448: Multiple DDCs with the same name can cause incorrect API requests to be generated

DS-1450: cmn_check4new_datafiles gives incorrect filename with French language setting, add the following DDC parameters DBV_LANG, DBV_LANG_DR
DBV_NLS_LANG, DBV_NLS_LANG_DR which can be set to specific LANG or NLS_LANG environment variable, example DBV_LANG = en_NZ.UTF8
DBV_NLS_LANG = American_America.UTF8

DS-1467: Internal fix - Dbvagent reports "The system cannot find the path specified" errors with no apparent failure