The Data Driven Enterprise

You know and we know that data is at the heart of every enterprise.  With this in mind we deliver solutions to help you manage ever increasing data quantities with ever increasing efficiency demands. Through the use of some of the leading data management products such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB.  On-premise or Cloud. Oracle Cloud PaaS & IaaS.  Single vendor stack or blended solution -  we can can guide you through your data's full life cycle.

We offer flexible engagements and work with many clients providing ad hoc services and guidance through to a full managed service.

AgileTS database services

Oracle Cloud

cloud with confidence

Oracle cloud

We guide new & existing clients looking to move to Oracle Platform as a Service & Infrastructure as a Service.

Most people acknowledge the benefits of the cloud.   However many enterprises are reluctant to move data concerned it could compromise data security & control.  We will help you establish if the cloud is right for your business, choose the most appropriate solution, and build an architecture that maximizes performance whilst minimising risk and cost, whilst increasing business benefit.

  • Drive performance with remotely stored data and applications without expensive hardware or infrastructure

  • Build your networking and infrastructure in less time without business interruptions

  • Flexible Test & Development

  • Robust backup, disaster recovery and migration

  • Cost optimisation with metered usage v licence grant analysis


upgrade with confidence

Agile TS database Upgrade

AgileTS focus on Oracle and other leading database technologies, so are well placed to guide clients through the upgrade process.  We lead upgrade programmes for organisations of all sizes including those with very large databases and upgrading from older releases of the databases.  Some of our customers have HA & Security requirements, whilst others need a full platform migration including moving to cloud environments.  We can advise on tools such Oracle Real Application Testing which reduces the risks that are incurred by only testing a fraction of the data values and Dbvisit Replicate for upgrades.

The team will advise on the most efficient, safest and cost effective solutions to meet your technical and business requirements. 


AgileTS Database Design

design with confidence

Database systems can be built in any number of ways.  However choosing the right architecture and products requires a deep understanding of IT environment, business needs, and available options.  

AgileTS specialists start every project with a careful analysis of your existing IT infrastructure and business needs so we can create an architecture that is robust, agile and scalable and able to meet your current and future business needs.  AgileTS consulting services include all aspects of design from concept through to production including installation, integration and migrations.

  • Develop a platform that grows with your business

  • Optimize hardware & cloud to improve capacity and reduce licensing costs

  • Work with trusted advisors who only recommend proven technologies


Optimise with confidence

AgileTS Database Tune

Have you received the dreaded "It's to slow" call from users?  Regular health checks on your database alleviate unexpected surprises and minimise the risk of failure during peak usage.

AgileTS offers full health check services for your databases.  We provide a flexibility of service and help you achieve optimal performance from your Oracle and other database systems.

We review all aspects of your database set-up, identify any bottlenecks and provide you with a detailed report that gives all the required diagnostics and remedies for specific issues, as well as recommendations for performance or configuration optimisation.  We also provide guidance for on-going maintenance and optimisation including advice about the suitability of tools such as Solarwinds Database Performance Analyzer and Oracle's own range of enterprise manager management packs.

AgileTS data security


secure with confidence

Oracle has delivered the industry's most advanced technology to safeguard data at the source—the database.  Oracle provides a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions to ensure data privacy, protect against insider threats, and enable regulatory compliance for both Oracle and non-Oracle databases. Oracle's powerful preventive and detective security controls include database activity monitoring and blocking, privileged user and multifactor access control, data classification and discovery, transparent data encryption, consolidated auditing and reporting and data masking.

With AgileTS & Oracle clients can deploy reliable data security solutions that require no changes to existing applications, saving time and money.


Resilience with confidence

Database Resilience

Oracle's Maximum Availability Architecture can virtually eliminate downtime and data-loss exposure.

How well service access is maintained, and how quickly service is resumed and data restored after an outage occurs, are key availability metrics.  High availability reduces the risk associated with consolidating applications and databases onto shared infrastructures typical of cloud deployments.  By incorporating strong high-availability (HA) capabilities AgileTS can virtually eliminate downtime and data-loss exposure for critical business functions.   

AgileTS can guide you through the range of solutions for ensuring resilience for the leading database platforms using the best of breed tools in often innovative and cost effective ways.


develop with confidence

AgileTS Develop

AgileTS undertake development and migration work around leading database platforms especially Oracle, and the open source LAMP stack.  Are you looking to outsource elements of a project to enhance in-house skills or are complete outsourcing.  Integrating new with legacy applications or adding new functionality and business processes.  We have a wide range of in-house capabilities as well a wide associate network and would love to talk about your development requirements and challenges.

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