AgileTS expert advice on Oracle license deployment and procurement

Gain control with the right commercial model for your business

Many small to medium users find Oracle's licensing complex and struggle to work out a fit for purpose, best value license model. Constantly changing license metrics and rules.  The ever present threat of increasingly aggressive Oracle audits.  Lack of transparency in Oracle license documentation.  Where do you turn?

The AgileTS licencing team are able to offer license procurement for organisations who require new licences, as well as advising new and exisiting Oracle users on the following;

  • New License Requirements 
  • Term License Renewals 
  • License Upgrades 
  • Cancellation guidance 
  • Commercial - Verification 
  • License Health Check
  • Support renewal - verification 
  • License Review to validate over or under licencing 
  • Re-purposing licenses / migrations
  • Oracle Cloud licensing PaaS / SaaS
  • 3rd party alternative solutions
  • License Management Training 

License procurement  


Professional license advice to guide you when needed to the optimal Oracle license solution for your business.  Be it pure Oracle or a blend of Oracle and the best of the 3rd party complimentary solutions such as Dbvisit, SolarWinds DPA etc.

Many organisations find Oracle licensing complex and struggle to work out the correct and optimal license model whilst ensuring contract compliance.

This is where AgileTS excel as a leading impartial licence advisory as well as offering the most compelling commercials propositions for;

To discuss any element of your Oracle usage be it a quick question or a full on-site assessment in conjunction with technical support.  A review of upgrade plans or an impact analysis of infrastructure change then please do get in touch;


  • Dbvisit 
  • Solarwinds DPA
  • MySql Subscriptions 
  • Oracle Term Licenses
  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle VM
  • Oracle Technology 
  • Oracle "PaaS"
  • Oracle "IaaS"
  • Oracle "DbaaS"

threat of audit

independent expert advice

Oracle Audit

Many of our clients have turned to us for licence guidance, often prompted by the un-welcome attention of an Oracle audit.  Oracle also supports a small number partners via a scheme called "joint partner engagement" where Oracle outsource the auditing of end users to these partners who promise transparency and license sales to Oracle in return.  

AgileTS are not part of this programme and will happily provide services and advice after signing a mutual NDA if required.

Some of the most common "gotchas" we see on a regular basis when we are called to advise end users during an audit which cause licence shortfall's are;

  • Test & Development environments without licence.
  • Hardware re-fresh 
  • Move to Virtual Environments
  • Licences options not disabled

Be prepared is the the best advice that can be given about any vendor audit.  We have helped to educate many end users after costly vendor audits which really is to late.

Often a simple discussion can provide piece of mind and confidence in your use of Oracle technology.

Please feel free to contact us in confidence for impartial advice.  Be it to discuss a simple licence query, discuss an audit threat or put in place a full software asset management programme.