Worlds most popular opensource database! 

12m active installations worldwide

65,000 software downloads everyday

Part of the rapidly growing open source LAMP stack


The popularity of MySQL continues at speed organisations looking for cost alternatives to the traditional Enterprise class of database without the price tag.

MySQL Database Family and key feature of each version

MySQL has four main editions: MySQL community edition (free), MySQL Standard Edition, MySQL Enterprise Edition and MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition.  Running on more than 20 platforms, including Oracle Linux, Windows and Solaris.

MySQL is flexible enough to put you in control with a comprehensive range of database tools.  AgileTS can help with technical support, training and consulting services as well as providing a cost effective alternative to the Oracle Store for discounted MySQL Support subscriptions and renewals.

Oracle provide full support subscriptions for the Standard, Enterprise and Cluster - Carrier Grade Edition of MySQL on a per server model.  Server subscriptions are available for servers upto 4 processor socket and for server with 5plus processor sockets.  AgileTS provide a full subscription guidance and return on investment analysis.  For MySQL subscriptions AgileTS really do offer a Value Added Reseller services for the MySQL commercial users community.

MySQL Support Subscription from Oracle

AgileTS are well placed as MySQL specialists to guide you through the selection process to ensure you select the right version of MySQL to meet and exceed you project requirements and business needs.

We will also guide you through the support subscriptions available and are proud to ensure the keenest commercials possible (including subscriptions for existing subscription renewals)

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Why Oracle Support ??

  • Consultative Support..
    • Remote Troubleshooting
    • Architecture reviews
    • performance tuning etc
  • Global Scale & reach
  • Worlds Largest MySQL engineering/support organisation
  • Backed by the MySQL developers
  • World class support in 29 languages
  • Hot Fixes & maintenance releases
  • 24 * 7 * 365 Unlimited incidents