Oracle Industries Data Models

Oracle also provides a range of standards-based, pre-built data warehouse database schemas with associated analytic models and dashboards for specific industries. These are Oracle Database Enterprise Edition License Options and are licensed in the same way as the associated database license.  Oracle Data Models help customers jump-start the design and implementation of enterprise information management strategies and quickly to achieve a positive return on investment in data warehousing and business intelligence projects. Oracle Data Models are available for the following Industries.

Airline Data Model

The Oracle Airline Data Model is a standards-based, prebuilt data warehouse database schema for the Airline Industry, complete with associated analytic models and dashboards. Leveraging Oracle's strong airline domain expertise, and Oracle's deep expertise in data warehousing, the Oracle Airline Data Model provides a foundation schema that is modern, relevant, topical, and addresses the key passenger data management needs of low cost carriers and traditional airlines.

Communications Data Model

The Oracle Communications Data Model combines market-leading communications application knowledge with the performance of Oracle’s database and business intelligence platforms. It can be used in any application environment, is easily extendable and helps customers implement their data warehousing and business intelligence projects with a predictable implementation effort.

Retail Data Model

The Oracle Retail Data Model is a prebuilt, retail data warehouse solution designed to help retailers maximize their return on investment for business intelligence projects. Using built-in predictive analytics, retailers now have the data analysis capabilities to deliver relevant, timely, and actionable retail-specific insights.

Utilities Data Model

The Oracle Utilities Data Model is a pre-built, standards-based data warehouse solution, and can be used in any applications environment and is easily extensible. It enables Utility Organizations to establish a foundation for business and operational analytics across the enterprise, allowing users to leverage a common analytics infrastructure and pre-defined cross-domain relationships, which drive unprecedented levels of intelligence and discovery.