Dbvisit Standby and Oracle Database Appliance

Discover how Dbvisit Standby provides a great solution to your ODA Disaster Recovery requirements.

Our friends at Dbvisit like us are great fans of getting the most out of the Oracle Database SE.  They have just launched a great video showing the benefits of the Oracle Database Appliance which is the perfect optimized platform for Oracle SE users.  When used in conjunction with Dbvisit Standby the highest levels of DR can be achieved with ODA -> ODA or as we are increasingly seeing ODA -> Cloud.  Naturally, Oracle is pushing its own cloud Database Backup and DBaaS platform. However, we have clients who have also chosen to use their preferred cloud platforms typically AWS and Azure.

Oracle Database Appliance Configurations

1. Two Oracle Database Appliances


Implement 2 Oracle Database Appliances with Oracle SE and Dbvisit Standby for a robust on-premises solution that delivers high performance with full business continuity.

  • The full on-premises high-performance solution for Oracle SE Customers 
  • A complete Oracle Standard Edition solution at an affordable price

2. Oracle Database Appliance to Oracle Cloud


Begin your cloud journey with a hybrid solution of one Oracle Database Appliance server for robust on-premises performance, Dbvisit Standby for full business continuity and the Oracle Cloud as the standby location.

  • A complete Oracle Standard Edition hybrid on-premises and cloud solution at an affordable price
  • Take the first step into the Oracle Cloud without risk

AgileTS and our Support partner NCS are hosting a breakfast briefing at the Duck & waffle on the 30th May where we will share more detailed experiences of creating hybrid cloud solutions and cover the ODA choices in more detail.  www.agilets.com/breakfast